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About us

We are an international group of KlavarScore (also known as Klavarskribo or Klavar) players who have joined together for the purpose of making Klavar better known throughout the world.

The growth of the KlavarScore community relies at this time upon the work of volunteers. All volunteers have the same purpose: keeping KlavarScore alive.

We do this because KlavarScore has given us the opportunity to experience the true joyfulness that comes from making music. For those of us who have originally learned using traditional notation, it has put an end to their frustrations. Advanced musicians who use the standard notation may not be able to understand why we have to use an alternative musical notation system. The answer to this question involves the fact that people learn in different ways. KlavarScore simply satisfies the particular needs of certain people better. So, through this website, we are looking for others of like mind who will benefit in similar ways.

One of our volunteer collaborators wrote:
"Prior to KlavarScore I was self-studying the keyboard music of Bach and was becoming very impatient with the amount of time and dedication it took to learn to play new music. I also realized that it was more of a memorization process than a sight-reading process and if I didn't keep playing pieces I had learned previously, I found I had to spend a lot of time re-learning them. This became very frustrating. I was feeling like for every step forward I was taking two steps back. I began to research how to become a better sight-reader and my research led me to KlavarScore and now the frustration I had been feeling is history."




If you want to help us keep the KlavarScore tabulature alive and help more  people experience the true joyfulness that comes from making music, please consider making a donation of whatever amount you can afford, to help support this project for the future.