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To composers, arrangers and sheet-music publishers:

To enlarge your market and give more people the opportunity to play the piano or organ you could also transcribe your own music from the standard notation to KlavarScore using the free computer software (KlavarScript). We are willing to give you all the support for this you need.

For sales addresses of KlavarScore sheet music  see the Sheet Music page.


What is KlavarScore?

O que é KlavarScore?  Portuguese Click here

KlavarScore is a tablature, a visual notation for keyboard instruments based on the appearance of a keyboard. The lines represent the black keys and it is read from top to bottom. The black keys are represented by black dots (note heads) on the lines, the white keys by open dots (note heads) between the lines.

KlavarScore makes reading sheet music for keyboard instruments very easy. Furthermore reading music written in "difficult" keys is just as easy in KlavarScore, since it does not need "sharp" and "flat" symbols. You can see examples of this on this website.

Because the Klavar staff matches perfectly with the keyboard on which the arrangement of keys is the same for each octave, any given note or chord is arranged the same way on the staff with respect to the repeating line pattern, regardless of the octave.  This is unlike the standard notation in which any given note or chord is arranged on the staff depending upon the octave it is in.

KlavarScore is not suitable for singing and playing instruments with a variable pitch because it lacks the information to perform the music correctly.

KlavarScore, known as Klavarskribo in the Netherlands for almost 90 years, is used extensively by thousands of pianists and organists. A very large amount of sheet music is available for these instruments. KlavarScore contains all the information of the regular sheet music that is needed for playing a piano or organ. You can also transcribe your own music from the standard notation to KlavarScore using free computer software (KlavarScript). 



What is Scrolling KlavarScore?

Scrolling KlavarScore was developed to be a means of sight-reading KlavarScore from a cellphone or a tablet. It contains all the instructions found on regular sheet music which are to be used as a guide for proper playing, whether it be for piano or organ.
Because these have small screens only a part of the staff is shown that moves upward with an adjustable speed that corresponds to your tempo of playing.

For this you need special sheet music files and a scrolling sheet music app. A number of files can be downloaded for free from this site or you can make them yourself by using the free Windows software “KlavarScript”. For a recommended sheet music reader app, see the Sheet Music section of the site.

The notation is exactly the same. If you can play from Scrolling KlavarScore, you can also play normal printed KlavarScore from a book or from sheet music. And vice versa.

This Nocturne Op. 9 No. 1 in B-flat minor of Frédéric Chopin is played by Harald Vetter.
Used by permission under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

More information about Scrolling KlavarScore can be found on the "Scrolling" page, tap here.

Who is KlavarScore for?

KlavarScore is directed to anyone who wants to make music on a keyboard instrument and doesn't want to spend too much time learning a demanding music notation.
It is for beginners and for advanced players. Switching over from the standard notation to KlavarScore can easily be accomplished. There are also professional musicians who play from KlavarScore.

Because not only the notes themselves, but also the timing is indicated in a clear, uncluttered way, KlavarScore is just as ideal for contemporary music (Pop, Jazz, etc.) as it is for classical music.


Advantages of the Klavar method

No sharps, flats, clefs changes, ties, etc.
The position of every note on the staff visually corresponds to it’s position on the keyboard.
There can be no mistake about the duration of notes.
Learn to play much more quickly and save time.
Practice/playing is more enjoyable because results are achieved much more quickly.
Almost all classical and much popular sheet music is available and ready to be played.

O que é KlavarScore?
O KlavarScore ("partitura Klavar" em inglês) é uma notação visual para instrumentos de tipo teclado baseada no formato de um teclado/piano. As linhas representam as teclas pretas e ela é lida de cima para baixo. As teclas pretas são representadas por pontos (círculos) pretos nessas linhas, e as teclas brancas por pontos (círculos) brancos posicionados entre as linhas.

O KlavarScore torna a leitura de partituras para instrumentos de teclado muito fácil. Além disso, a leitura de música em tonalidades tradicionalmente “difíceis” é tornada muito simples no KlavarScore, pois nele não existem símbolos de bemóis e sustenidos. Você pode ver exemplos disto neste site.

O KlavarScore, também conhecido como KlavarSkribo na Holanda há quase 90 anos, é usado com frequência por milhares de pianistas e organistas. Uma quantidade muito grande de partituras está disponível para estes instrumentos. O KlavarScore contém todas as informações necessárias para se tocar uma peça de piano ou órgão, assim como a partitura tradicional. Você também pode transcrever sua própria

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